The DRS GroundExper  provides five different metal discrimination modes: All
Metal Types, Gold, HQ Valuable, Valuable and Iron. Select the metal(s) believed
to be present in your search area. If the metal(s) is present under your search coil,
you will immediately hear an audio signal and will be able to see the items
identified on the tablet PC touch screen. For the first time in the world, metal
selection and accurate discrimination is now available only with the DRS

The DRS GroundExper , with its' 9 channel simultaneous processing, utilizes trigonometric algorithms to determine the depth of buried objects by
operator introduction of the width of the detected spot.


The DRS GroundExper  utilizes a very user-friendly ergonomic shaft that can be length-adjusted for comfortable detecting for the whole family or
any individual. Light, practical, effective..


The tablet PC and Windows 7 operating system is supplied with your system. The Internet, Skype, WiFi end everything you expect from your
normal computer are also at your finger tips. You will instantly view results on the tablet PC without needing any other computer or
suffering the problems of data transfer to a separate computer. You can manage all functions with your finger tips thanks to the user-friendly control
panel of the DRS GroundExper.


Three standard exploration coils give you the option of choosing your search depth. In addition to the standard coils that are standard with the DRS
GroundExper  , additional coils of 80"x80" and 120"x120" are available options. All DRS GroundExper   coils are waterproof..

The DRS GroundExper  utilizes an exclusive high-powered and sophisticated
graphic processing system. You will view underground images of targets showing
shape and metallic composition. You will know exactly what is below you before


The Advanced Digital Pulse Induction Signal Raining Technology (ADPISRT) ,
exclusive to DRS GroundExper , does not require difficult and time consuming
ground balancing and is not affected by varying soil and mineral structures. It is
ideal for beginners as well as the seasoned pro. Environmental electromagnetic
pollution or interference is easily eliminated by the touch of one button. Detect
any target missed by other detectors easily in highly mineralized soils and areas of
electromagnetic interference. Just press the start button and you're ready to begin
your search.

So far, the greatest problem for treasure hunters has been the presence of "trash"
metals on or near the surface that created many confusing and worthless signals.
The second major problem created by most detectors is the need and inability to
properly ground balance the detector to compensate for varying sub-surface soil
conditions. Soft drink cans, food cans, rusty nails, pull tabs, horseshoes and rusty
large pieces of junk metal create many headaches for treasure hunters. The only
metal detector system to properly identify and eliminate all the junk as worthless
metal (simultaneously identifying valuable metals) while providing continuous
automatic ground balance is the DRS GroundExper.
The standards of treasure hunting will change with DRS GoundExper.  It is the
best metal detector of the year in Europe and all over the world with sophisticated
and precise metal identification coupled to accurate depth determination. The DRS
GroundExper  offers unique graphic properties utilizing the Windows 7 operating
system, multi-touch 1.6 Ghz tablet PC, 20 hours of continuous battery usage and
an optional solar battery charging system. The DRS GoundExper  utilizes patented
Advanced Digital Pulse Induction Signal Raining Technology (ADPISRT),
operating with 9 independent channels simultaneously to provide accurate metal
discrimination of all metals present, object(s) shape(s) and depth determination.
The DRS GroundExper  is the only truly discriminating metal detector to present
realtime images and depth information. There is no cumbersome need to transfer
search data to a separate computer for analysis. The DRS GroundExper  includes
three search coils (40"x40", 18" and 10"), a 1.6 Ghz tablet PC with eight hour
battery capacity and complete software that is updatable via USB. Headphones
included---A complete system to get you started immediately!
The DRS Ground Exper  is in the same price range but, compares very favorably in every performance category to the high-end detectors of
OKM, Lorenz, Nokta and GPL. You can buy the DRS GroundExper   from this website as we expand our network of retail dealers to a national
level. We can deliver the DRS GroundExper  with free shipping anywhere in the world! DRS GroundExper , Advanced Digital Pulse Induction
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Another recent find in Peru in July 2013. Inca Figurines
Ceremonial Inca Knife found in 2013
Three Roman Bronze Coins---Italy, June 2012
India, May 2013
1.72 grams gold each
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DRS Electronics USA is owned and operated by Terra Exploration Group, a.k.a TexGru... We were the first to bring the Ground Exper to
the United States and are the foremost authority in the Americas on its use. As professional treasure hunters, we have vast experience
with the functions and capabilities of the Ground Exper and we highly recommend it!  Please contact us first before you buy!
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